What Is Your Homes MPG

Sample Home Energy Score Label 8.5x11 300px_1.png

When purchasing a car one of the factors most of us consider is how many miles per gallon the vehicle gets. Although that doesn't deter some people from buying Trucks with MPGs in the mid teens at least they know what they are getting! 

The Home Energy Score offered through the EPA is a great way to get a close estimate of how efficient a home is. Your home is scored on a 1 - 10 scale depending on your current insulation, windows, square footage, water heater, furnace/AC, etc. The Home Energy Score provides recommendation on what areas to focus your energy upgrades on so that you will have the best paybacks. It will also provide an estimated score and savings if you perform the recommended improvements. 

Ink Home Services is a qualified Assessor and we proudly offer the home energy score as a standalone service or combined with a home inspection or energy audit. If you are selling your home and have invested into your homes energy efficiency this may be a great way to show it off to potential buyers! Or if you are a buyer this is a great way to see what your new homes energy usage may look like. Click here to schedule your Home Energy Score today!