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Danny was extremely professional with his inspection. The report I got back was amazing. Should be paying double for something like that. Highly recommend for any future home buyer. Thank you! - AJ

The 5-star reviews don't lie. I used Ink because of the positive experiences noted by others and the experience and credentials noted on their website and I too ended up with a 5-star experience. Their fee was also in line with everyone elses ($350 for a 2,500 SF house) but likely more thorough (took 3 hours, which is what I had expected for this size). Danny was on time, thorough, and professional. I had the report the same night. We knew there were substantial repairs needed and we needed the inspection report to reflect that and Danny caught everything. We didn't end up buying the house but I'm going back to them for the next one. I've also recommended them to others. -Eric

I hired Danny to inspect an investment property I was buying. He walked me through everything during the inspection and provided a helpful report afterward. He saved me THOUSANDS when he discovered that the furnace was basically broken (the seller gave me closing costs for a new one). He identified repairs that the seller had done correctly (foundation seal) as well as ways to improve the health of the structure (new deck posts, grading, etc.). I recommend Danny to all my clients! - Micah

Very professional, easy to schedule, and sent detailed report after the inspection to my email sooner than I had expected. I would highly recommend Dan to friends and family. - Sarah

Danny was early to the appointment and communicated several important things to us before the inspection even happened. He was very thorough and caught many minor details that I feel many people would miss. He delivered our report very quickly after the walk through. Danny is friendly, expedient, professional and absolutely the best man for the job! - Seth

Danny was very responsive and helpful. He got us scheduled in right away. When the inspection happened he was thorough and checked little things that we would of never noticed. He truly cared and gave us our report in a quick manner. I liked that he gave us a walk through of what he found and his opinion on everything and more. I felt confident after his inspection! - Daniel