Termites, not just a Florida problem...

Termite mud tubes and damaged joist

Termite mud tubes and damaged joist

We don't normally think of Michigan as "termite country" so when I began inspecting homes I was surprised at the amount of homes we have with visible termite damage. Over the last few years I would estimate that about 5-10% of the homes I inspect have evidence a termite infestation. So although the problem isn't as bad as our friends down south it is definitely something to be on the lookout for.  

When we find signs of termites its usually because of their mud tubes. They use build these mud tubes as tunnels to travel from food source to food source. Here are a few tips on what to look for when walking through homes: 

1- Garages are usually a pretty easy area to spot them since there is normally no insulation for termites to hide behind.

2- Rim joists in the basement near doorways. These areas usually end up getting some water and termites absolutely love wet lumber. 

3- The underside of the fireplace in the basement. The termites can usually sneak in behind the fireplace without being noticed. 

Although we are pretty good at spotting termites we have partnered with a professional pest company Rockwood Services and we can schedule them for a small additional fee to come out during the inspection time and inspect the home for any sign of termites and other wood eating organisms.