Blower Door Testing

blower door test

Blower door testing can be done on almost any house to see how leaky the house is and with some additional tools you can figure out where the leaks are coming from. It is a fairly simple concept but the equipment is far from simple. There are two main companies (Retrotec and the Energy Conservatory) that make blower doors so the equipment is fairly expensive. The Blower Door gets installed on an exterior door, it looks a lot like a big sheet with a fan in the middle. The fan is connected to a small computer (manometer) that can read how much air is traveling through the fan and what the pressure difference is between the house and the outside. Click here to watch a short video on blower door testing. 

In Michigan every newly built house (and some large remodels) are required to have a Blower Door Test performed to prove to the city or township inspectors that the home was built tight enough to pass code. This testing is required to be performed by a third party, we are licensed and have the proper equipment to perform blower door testing on new homes. To pass code your home has to be at or less than 4 air changes per hour.

thermal imaging camera

Blower Door tests can also be performed on existing homes (as long as there is no asbestos or mold present.) Usually two tests are performed, before any work is performed and then after insulation/window work is done so that the contractor can prove he did a good quality job. When running the blower door a thermal imaging camera is used to view any areas that are leaking. In some cases if your contractor is is working with your utility companies we can help you apply for a rebate with the information provided by the blower door testing.

If you need a blower door test on your new home or your existing home give Ink Home Services a call or schedule us online and we can help!