When you use Ink Home Services to inspect your dream home you are not only getting a quality service but you are also directly helping a family realize their lifelong dream of home ownership. We are committing to help fund the 100% of the construction costs to build a home in 2018 by donating a percentage of the profits from each home inspection we perform. We are partnering with Amor Ministries that works primarily in Mexico and South Africa. Amor has partnered to build close to 20,000 homes for low income families over the last four decades. 


"When Amor Ministries began in 1980, many of the poorest families were sending their children away to orphanages because they could not provide for them. Orphanages were filling up with children whose parents loved them, but lacked the resources to take care of their general needs. After encountering this reality, Amor’s Founders decided to offer an alternative. For the last thirty-eight years, Amor Ministries’ main purpose was and continues to be to provide adequate housing to keep families together. In addition to helping make life easier by providing a home, we share the grace and love of Jesus by providing security, safety, and stability to families who would otherwise be without."

Below are the families that have been blessed by Amor Ministries simply by choosing to inspect your home through Ink Home Services!