Comprehensive Home Energy Audit

Approximately two to three hours of on site testing using Building Performance Institute guidelines. Blower door test included as
long as no hazards(mold, asbestos, etc) are found in house. Includes combustion analysis testing on all open combustion appliances. Includes recommended health and safety upgrades, energy conservation upgrades. Home energy score included with energy audit.

Audits are done seasonally from Oct-March due to the temperature difference required for effective thermal imaging.

Additional fee for homes larger than 3000 SqFt

If your home is outside of the Greater Grand Rapids area there is an additional mileage/travel fee.




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Home Energy Score

Home Energy Score is a quick and simple tool to help homeowners and home buyers gain useful information about a home's energy use. Based on an assessment completed in less than an hour, the Home Energy Score not only lets
a homeowner or home buyer understand how efficient the home is and how it compares to others, but also provides recommendations on how to cost-effectively improve the home's energy efficiency. The Home Energy Score
uses a simple 1 through 10 scale where a 10 represents the most energy-efficient homes.

Building forensics
$ Hourly

Do you have any issues with your home that you cant figure out? Dusty rooms, Ice Damns, Cold Areas, High Energy Bills, Water Spots to name a few. We can help you pinpoint the problem. We are an independent third party so we can truly look for the root of your issue and come up with a cost effective solution where most salesman although they may come out for free will most likely try to sell you one of their products. We have almost any tool you can think of including a Thermal Imager, EMF Detector, Radon Detector, among many others! Give us a call or sent us a message with details on your issue and we should be able to help you out!